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The Republic of Croatia is a great tourist destination. This crescent-shaped country is located at the crossroads between Central, Southern, and Eastern Europe. Its peculiar shape accounts for its many neighbouring countries. The tourist can find on their travels in Croatia a beautiful and diverse landscape that varies from plains and mild hills in the north to high mountains and rocky coastline on the Adriatic Sea shores. Croatia is an important tourist attraction because of its vast and well-kept national parks that are home to some of the Europe's species of endangered plants and wild animals.

Croatia has 1185 solitary islands and reefs that are perfect for those looking for a relaxing vacation away from the noise and the pollution of the big cities. The Croatian coastline is one of the most beautiful in the world and it attracts thousands of tourists every year. The cities located on the coast are also important tourist magnets because of their beautiful architecture and their exciting nightlife. Their popularity succeeds even that of Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia and the cultural and economic heart of this country.

Despite the scars left on by the civil war that ended in 1998, the Croatians are warm and hospitable people that enjoy life and they will make you feel at home in this beautiful European country.

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Author: Leandro Zoppe


Author: Robin Harris